Thursday, August 28, 2008

Over at MOMDOT.COM there giving away:


Contest 2: For Moms and Child
August 28th, 2008 · 11 Comments
Jennifer from Mimsibags is fast becoming someone we love to work with. She was so quick to work with her purse winner giveaway, I am terrible excited to post about her offering a grochery bag!
About Grochery Bags at Mimsi Bags: There is a new eco-conscious craze sweeping the nation… BYOB shopping. Yep, bring your own bag. With the millions of plastic and paper shopping bags that are filling our landfills and roadsides people are beginning to look for ways to fit the 3 big R’s into their lives - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
We would like to do our part to help out our planet! We have added a new category of bags to our offerings - reusable cloth grocery bags!
These bags are made of cotton or microfiber fabric, and come in a range of sizes to fit your shopping needs… and we have a few more in the works.
Prize #2: The Taffy Box: Custom Pendant Necklace: Creating something sweet each and every day! Sometimes a piece of jewelry, sometimes a pan of brownies! A custom pendant necklace is perfect for the loved one in your life or never buy stuff for you, do you? Well, now you do! Put your name, your hubbys, your child’s, or your grandmothers and let your heart be known.
Prize #3: Country Hill: $10 GC
Use it for organic soaps, natural body lotions, and more!
Prizes for child!
Prize #4: Mom4Life
About mom 4 life: I began by searching for a few unique products that would be helpful to almost any mom. In October of 2003, I found my first product and Mom 4 Life was born. The first product I carried was the New Native Baby Carrier followed soon after by LilyPadz. I was so excited about these two great products and knew that other moms were sure to love them as much as I did. Soon thereafter, I began to get recommendations from other moms about products that they knew and loved. Thus, my inventory began to grow including additional unique and useful items like Hooter Hiders, Glamourmom tank tops, the Bella Band, and Bravado nursing bras. Suddenly, my dream had become a reality. As my business grew so did its effects on others. My eyes were opened to the amazing talent of other mothers working from their homes and my product line quickly expanded to make room for the unique and useful products they offered. I am proud that Mom 4 Life’s extensive product line is comprised entirely of the handiwork of moms. As you browse the site, I hope you will take time to read their stories featured with their products and know that your purchase helps these mothers achieve their dreams as well.
Description: This 45 minute exercise journey is designed specifically for children ages 4-10 with a focus on mind, body , breathing and imagination. The Australian-themed experience leads children thru yoga poses such as: kangaroo, koala, and bird. The video offers parents a powerful tool to engage children in the benefits of exercise with Yoga told through story, and techniques to help your child calm down and focus.
Prize #5: Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake:
Product DescriptionMagical Dance Adventure! Created by two moms who love to have fun, “Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake” inspires and stimulates young minds. This enchanting approach to learning about classical ballet through nature, toys, music and laughter will mesmerize children and parents alike.
What’s Inside: The animated fairy ballerina, Prima Princessa, magically transports a group of pre-school girls to see the ballet Swan Lake, performed by the Paris Opera Ballet. Prima Princessa delightfully narrates the story of Swan Lake to the girls. In between each act, the children return home, dress up in fun pretty tutus, and learn a simple ballet step. Each step is playfully shown mixed into a colorful montage of toys, animals, children and young dancers from the School of American Ballet.
Prize #6 Cedar Valley Publishing: $40 book set
Stacey is a successful blogger and many of her blog posts have lead to television segments. An October blog post entitled: Tips on Getting Kids Ready for Kindergarten lead to a national segment on Better TV/Parents TV. Another October blog post on Let’s Get Ready For Parent Teacher Conferences lead to a Milwaukee’s Morning Blend and Fox 6 News television segments. A November blog post entitled, Let’s Get Ready For Cold and Flu Season: Tips to Motivate Your Kids to Wash Those Hands, was quoted in an AP story and lead to a television segment on Milwaukee’s Morning Blend that was later syndicated and picked up by the Meredith’s National Television show, Better TV/Parents TV. Stacey’s blog success was highlighted in a Milwaukee Journal Story in January.
Prize #7: Kelly the Jewerly Lady: Cookie Lee Jewelry
Spring Garden collection is flowery and feminine with just a hint of genuine crystal for a little shine. You can win a necklace and matching stretch bracelet
Then necklace is adjustable from 15-18″ long and the bracelet is 7 1/4- stretch
To win this pack of prizes for mom and child worth over $200, you must do ALL of the following