Thursday, July 31, 2008

Target with three kids...

OK I admit, brilliant me wanted to go to Target today with all 3 kids. oh ya. Brilliant I know, but how could this mom on one income surpass a 75% off sale ON TOYS? oh no not me!
So I hit the store with my Step-mom in tow and little sister, they were not the issue oh no my bratty 5 year old boy (going to be 6 in Sept) was throwing an all out temper tantrum! I mean I had to take him out to lawn and garden so he could scream his little head off, kicking me, punching me, screaming at me "I WANT A TOY" as I wanted to tear his butt off his little body I remember that we don't do that, that's only an adult temper tantrum and who am I to hit him? (WE DO NOT DO THAT HERE) but the urge was still there. I ignored him, and tryed to move on. What a dirty look I see, oh yes there were plenty as they all smirk and snicker like your kids never did that when you went out, PLEASE! I wanted to say "take a picture why don't you" at least I am not beating the shit out of my kid like you would have!
Needless to say the screaming did not stop till grandma came to the rescue & took his little Heine out to the parking lot where she calmly talked to him and brought him back to me.
OH WAIT...oh no to close this we went to Pizza Hut after to get lunch and AJ turned blue on us from stuffing his face to much!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My trip to Hollywood!!!

Graceann & I at the Santa Monica PierDad & I in the Cheese Shop boy did it smell in there!
Mama Dukes and I aka Grandma Roxy
Kristen & I it was so awesome to see her!
Big brother Vinny & I the reason we went to LA

Monday, July 28, 2008

Rainy Days

Oh boy oh boy. Do I love rainy days. I wish I could say the same for my three cutie I sit here and type this Alyssa is begging me for a piece of cake from her b-day yesterday, AJ is sticking his finger down his sisters new baby doll, and Jordan is vegging out on the couch watching noggin. I am so lost on what to do with rainy days now that they are so frequently visiting us. We have used up all the paint, colored in all the books, played all the games that the boards are starting to fall apart and the crayons are all broken into pieces. Hummm that's an idea. Well I am off to get a recipe to bake these crayons into fun shapes!